Power Network Simulator (PNS) is a unique software solution developed by Powersys for comprehensive simulation of integrated electric power system under steady state operating condition. The software is capable of presenting complex mathematical modeling into simple and user friendly GUI, where user can simulate various real time scenario through on-screen data manipulation. The intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) is designed using the latest UI paradigms and keeping power engineers in mind.

Major Features:

  • Can construct schematic diagram of power network at different voltage level
  • On-screen data manipulation to simulate various real time scenario
  • Results are presented both in graphical and tabular forms

Power Network Simulator GUI

The entire software package is operated through a simple and intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI). GUI features include:

Drawing Canvas:

  1. Drawing canvas can be dynamically resized
  2. Zooming / shrinking of the simulated network to any level within limits
  3. Shifting of the whole diagram to any position of the whole canvas to make space for expansion of any existing network
  4. Whole diagram can be viewed in small viewport for easy planning of the whole drawing
  5. The drawing can also be created as multiple islands in the same system

Electrical Components:

  • Very Easy and user friendly interface to draw any power system network diagram
  • Drag and drop facility to add the desired electrical components from the toolbar
  • Many electrical components (both AC and DC ) can be easily incorporated in the system
  • Easy interface to draw the transmission lines , transformer feeders, converter stations and the HVDC lines
  • Switching ON/OFF all power system components
  • Electrical data can be provided for the system through appropriate dialog boxes and the appropriate data files are automatically generated.

Text Annotations:

  • Text can be put anywhere in the diagram to annotate in proper places with different font style and colors

Color and Voltage:

  • Different voltages are differentiated using different colors
  • The values of the voltage levels and the corresponding colors are user definable
  • All standard printing facilities are available


  • Filtering by color( voltage level), voltage PU, Zones or any combination of these is possible

Power Network Diagram – After Simulation:

  • All the solutions are done on new canvas with a different color. Both windows – original and the simulation – are available during study
  • Power flows can be described graphically via arrows
  • Voltage PU profiles for all the electrical sub stations in the diagram
  • Mouse-over information display
  • Blinking alerts for the Bus bars limit violated voltage
  • Blinking alerts for feeders with violated power carrying capacity
  • User can save study to do some further study work.